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The Overnight Oats is the cold and summer version of porridge , practical when it is very hot but also for those who have little time in the morning or simply want to get up at the last second. No cooking is necessary to prepare the overnight oats, just mix the oats with milk or vegetable milk or a mix of milk and yogurt and place them in a closed container to rest overnight. During the night the oats will absorb the liquids and reach the consistency of a “gruel”. In the morning, just take it out of the fridge and add the toppings: honey, bitter cocoa, peanut butter, spreads, fresh fruit or dried fruit lactation overnight oats


To prepare good and healthy biscuits it takes very little and they are perfect for a sweet breakfast but with a low glycemic load but also for a delicious and nutritious snack (also ideal for children!). To prepare oatmeal biscuits just crush two ripe bananas with a fork and add 100 g of oat flakes in order to obtain a not excessively moist mixture.Depending on your tastes, we can add oil seeds or raisins or drops to the dough. of chocolate. Form balls of dough and lightly crush them with your hands giving them the shape of a biscuit, place them on a baking paper striped with parchment sheet and baking at 180 ° for about 15 minutes. Take out from the oven, let them cool and eat!

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Grand Theft Auto – Scenes from Freedom City Game Review

Grand Theft Auto: Scenes of Freedom City is a remarkable idea in the computer game world since it is two independent scenes that don’t need the first GTA IV to work. Subsequently, individuals who don’t have GTA IV can buy these new smaller than expected computer games and play them at full limit. This new game is accessible on Xbox live on October 29 and is most certainly worth looking at in light of the fact that it gives two new missions in the commonplace GTA style of games. The new scene that is found on this circle is known as The Song of Gay Tony. In this scene, you will play as a protector named Luis Lopez. Lopez is additionally a business partner of Gay Tony, who is continually paying special mind to the title character’s inclinations. Tony possesses two of the top clubs in Freedom City, however experiences as of late found himself mixed up with difficulty with obscure people and needs your assistance in fixing things. Assuming that you have played GTA IV, you will perceive a portion of the happenings in the city while Lopez’s story is working out, as these computer games don’t have a smidgen of cross-over. As Lopez, you will be compelled to manage privileged issues, as he doesn’t manage road hoods the way that numerous other GTA characters do.


An illustration of this comes from a mission where Luis Lopez needs to incline toward the proprietor of Freedom City’s expert hockey group, since a Russian wrongdoing ruler named Bulgarian wishes to buy the group and the proprietor won’t sell. As with all the other things in high society, everybody has a cost, so it is dependent upon Luis Lopez to observe that cost to get individuals what they need. Assuming they won’t sell out, similar to the case with the hockey group’s proprietor, Lopez is compelled to kill them, as is standard in the gta 4 download computer games.

A portion of the new elements in this scene include more helicopter and different tricks, as the high profile nature of these dealings guarantee that Lopez is continually making adrenaline junkie moves. There are additionally various new weapons included with these games, as Lopez has all the more a financial plan as opposed to GTA characters have had before. Other remarkable highlights like established electrical charges permit Lopez to deal with individuals from a distance, so he doesn’t need to be nearby to settle the score with somebody. An illustration of this happens when some cops get excessively near Lopez and Bulgarian. In this scene, you two and another criminal stow away while some cops are exploded while looking through Bulgarian’s vehicle. As is common in these computer games, the police then, at that point, swarm the region and you are compelled to get away and stow away. This scene alone makes these games definitely worth a buy since it is extraordinary to Grand Theft Auto: Scenes of Freedom City.

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The History Of The Custom Challenge Coin

With regards to challenge coins, Americans appear to be leading the pack, tracing all the way back to the First World War. They are still extremely well known today among military gatherings. They regularly convey the badge of the troop or group and are constantly conveyed by the military with satisfaction. As far as anyone knows, these coins were brainstormed by an affluent lieutenant who really appointed an organization to create a coin for every one of the individuals from his unit as tokens of their time in help together. From that point forward, other expert bodies, for example, the police force and marines have assumed the possibility of these challenge coins with all of them conveying the coins with satisfaction. The primary Challenge coins that were delivered were made of bronze with a gold plating. Right up ’til the present time, they are as yet delegated significant, for what lies under the surface for them, however for the way that they represent all that the military trusts in.

Challenge Coin

The custom has been helped during that time by which when an army trooper challenges one more officer from his unit to create his coin, and assuming he does not, then, at that point, he needs to purchase the challenger a beverage. There are many organizations all over the planet that spend significant time in delivering these coins for the military and for people in general. The interest for these coins does not appear to be any not as much as when they were first presented in the First World War with individuals really making an assortment out of them. You can even purchase exceptional racks created exclusively to show these fine coins. Indeed, even the President of the United States have had in plain view in the Oval Office different coins that have been given to them by military troopers. The custom 3d coins actually keep up with their unique reason for recognizable proof. Be that as it may, they can likewise used to mean achievements, for example, a graduation for instance or nicely done.

There are various utilizations for these coins and that is just the beginning and more individuals are taking the military custom and making it their own. With the utilization of challenge coins as pledge drives, they become a method of ID just as a method of fund-raising to assist with administrations or whatever the gathering selling the coins needs for the cash to go to. It is fascinating to see the coins in various applications other than the military use for them. You will likewise see that coin gatherers will likewise gather these Challenge coins because of their worth. So they have a considerably more inescapable use than the military yet for much a similar explanation. This utilization of coins supports spirit. Assuming you see a coin of this sort in somebody’s ownership, then, at that point, you realize that they have been granted this coin for a specific explanation. So the following time you see a coin in the ownership of somebody, you will realize that they have accomplished something advantageous.