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Ingredients of the Fast Food Veggie Burgers

While applaud the efforts of the junk food sector in trying to supply vegetarian and extra healthy alternatives to the crap they already offer on a daily basis, I need to explain drawbacks and also flaws in their attempts to provide vegan and healthy and balanced options that undermine or defeat the whole purpose of attempting to supply healthier and meat-less vegan products. Is health and wellness or the wellness of the American individuals the primary purpose in marketing vegan items or is it financial gain For all the people who desire to think the fast food market is coming around and ending up being a lot more health and wellness aware, the fast food sector’s goal in marketing vegetarian products such as the veggie hamburger is purely business, at least right now or currently.

Why? Because up until the vegetarian products are totally lacking animal by-products, the promoting and also marketing of vegan things is to trick convenience food consumers into believing that they have a choice in eating meatless or healthier items and products, which simply is not true Take McDonald’s, Burger King, and the Habit. They all offer a veggie hamburger. Yet that veggie hamburger patty if the patty itself is not completely vegetable based is prepared in ANIMAL LARD primary, and second, prepared on the exact same grill that meat DEAD PET FLESH is cooked on all meat consists of parasites and also worms, and the ugliest ones that you can ever see with the human eyes  recognize this personally as Some individuals thought they were staying clear of animal results by only consuming French fries from the fast food restaurant, not understanding that many fast food dining establishments such as McDonald’s were cooking their fries in vegetable oil blended with beef juice.

Homemade Burgers

 That is right McDonald’s add beef juice to its cooking oil for taste, along with splashing the fires with a sugar solution, freezing them and also shipping them off to McDonald’s franchise business, and also after cooking the sugar sprayed french fries in beef juice oil, salt chloride salt is added and also you have among one of the most habit forming products in America – McDonald’s French fries Take Metro as an example, a place I made use of to consume at usually in my very early vegan days and also while I remained in the Corporate world. I had my places to consume at and also food selections to select from. Consuming out was the exemption to the regulation and not the policy, as I typically prepared my very own lunch. Subway was appropriate throughout the road from my place of employment and also the food was much lighter than the things marketed at the extra basic quick food establishments.