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Choosing a Brewery to Visit

A brewery tour can be a great experience for people who love their beer and want to know more about it. Supporting and visiting a local brewery is one of the best things you can do, especially given the current state of our economy. Of course, there are a lot of breweries that are open for tours and it can be difficult to choose from. If you are trying to choose a brewery to visit in Florida alone then you have over 250 options to choose from, however, you can look into the top breweries in the Miami area and try to narrow your list down, and if you are looking for more tips, you can continue reading below:

  • You can ask around your friends and other social circles for recommendations, and you can then ask in forums and threads that are dedicated to breweries to try and get more honest feedback from different people. This will help you see which names are popular and which names get more positive feedback.
  • Different breweries operate differently. You will find some breweries offering a variety of beers, while others might stick to a particular type of brewing method. This is where you have to choose between the two options and decide what would work better for you.
  • Some brewery tours are self-guided so you can explore on your own, and others are more organized and can go on for hours. This is again a matter of personal preference and you can choose between your options here.
  • You want to go for a brewery that seems to know what it is doing. Not every worker at the brewery will know all of the details, but they should still be able to provide you with enough information to leave you satisfied.